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The Best Way to Say It: How to Write Anything From Blogs to Books with Epic Persuasion

5.0 (103)

The Best Way To Tweet It: The Barely Legal Method To Writing Tweets That Get You Paid

4.7 (12)

The 80/20 Fiction System: Write a Great Novel Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

4.6 (7)

Remote Work Mastery: The Ultimate Work-from-Home System to Work Smart, Stress Less, and Love Life

4.5 (8)

Level Up or Die: A LitRPG Steampunk Adventure

5.0 (2)

The Best Way To Build It: How To Know Which Features To Include & Which Benefits Will Sell

5.0 (2)

The Best Way To Market Research It: Find Your Golden Idea & Create What People Will Buy

4.8 (31)

Write This, Not That: The 45 Anti-Persuasion Mistakes You’re Making (And How To Fix Them)

4.7 (46)

The Best Way Insiders: Get a new Writing & Persuasion talent in your stack every month.

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