The Best Way to Say It: How to Write Anything From Blogs to Books with Epic Persuasion

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The Best Way to Say It is a proven, repeatable system anyone can use to go from content chaos to clear, compelling writing that influences people to act without them realizing it.

Finally, a way to unleash your genius

say what you mean

and write anything right

the first time

with maximal persuasion

even if you’re NOT

a professional editor,

a “6-figure” copywriter,

you just hate writing,

or English isn’t your first language.

Plump, Juicy Fact #1: It’s one thing to write something without typos.

It’s another thing to write something that gets people to act.

To read. To click. To subscribe. To buy.

When most people sit down to write an article, a blog, an email, a chapter, a social media post, or a script, what do they do ? They stare at the screen, hope “the muse” finds them, and probe their mind for ideas. Doesn’t work out.

Whatever ends up on the page is not what you want to say, and it might even be unpublishable. You have great ideas, but the words aren’t there. So if you’re sick ‘n tired of talking but no one's taking action,

Pouring your heart, soul, and clout into content that falls flat,

And doing all this work yet no one's responding,

Then I have good news.

Plump, Juicy Fact #2: Persuasive writing is a system.

It’s not a skill.

It’s not gut instinct.

And it’s not inspiration or luck.

If you could learn this step-by-step system the easy way and become a persuasion maestro of the written word so you hook readers from the first line, make your ideas just “click," and motivate people to take swift, decisive, profitable action . . .

Would you?

If you answer HELL YES, let me introduce myself . . .

I’m Joshua Lisec, the world’s only award-winning, celebrity-recommended, #1 international bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter.

Since 2011, I’ve ghostwritten more than 80 full-length books as well as 1,000s of articles, blog posts, speeches, and white papers for household name entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, public figures, and the breakthrough stars of tomorrow in over 100 different industries.

I’m also a ghostwriter for Forbes Contributors you read, a TEDx speaker, and a two-time published novelist.

You may have seen me featured in TED, TEDx, BBC Radio London, Foundr, American Express, Yahoo!, Fatherly, The Side Hustle Show, The Write Life, the Nonfiction Authors Association, The Huffington Post, and numerous other outlets.

The persuasion writing system you're about to use is one I've leveraged with my own clients to earn over $1 million from 2017 to mid-2019 alone.

While freelancers writers earn $52,000 a year on average, I pull in 10X more because I have a system. They start from scratch with every article, every script, every ebook. I let the system do the work so I can help more clients in less time. 

Here's what others say about yours truly.

"Joshua Lisec is the #1 ghostwriter in the world."
Ed Latimore, Retired Professional Boxer, Influencer, Author

“Joshua Lisec is an expert on ghostwriting and getting published. Talk to him. You know you’re getting expert advice from somebody who’s done it a number of times.”
Scott Adams, Dilbert Creator & New York Times Bestselling Author

I interviewed 300 ghostwriters. But I chose Joshua Lisec. Every time, I think, ‘Wow, I couldn’t have written it better.’ As a CEO and entrepreneur, I always have a vision. A lot of writers fail when they work with high-level people. They say, ‘I need more information.’ If I have to spend 10 hours explaining every detail, why would I even need a ghostwriter? They can’t fill the gap. Joshua can."

Michael Ambros, CEO, eKomi – The Feedback Company – The World's Largest Authentic Reviews & Ratings Provider

“Freaking EPIC . . . I am so impressed . . . Your advice on charging what you’re worth is some of the best I have seen on the topic. It resonated so well with me!”
Bushra Azhar, Founder, The Persuasion Revolution & #1 International Bestselling Author of Mass Persuasion Method

“A lot of strategies out there recommended places like Upwork that don’t really work. What I like about Joshua is that he offers a complete framework for writing contracts, negotiating high rates, and pitching your services. Using one strategy, I’m securing projects upwards of five figures—$15,000 and $20,000.”

Satya K., Freelance Writer

“Joshua, I’ve used your strategies to get my first client online! YES! I now have a framework for answering ‘So what do you do?’ in a way that causes my ideal clients to understand the value I offer. That completely changes the way I pitch. The confidence I have now is incredible!”
Renee H., Freelance Marketer

“Joshua’s methods are different from other ways to get clients because you’re removing yourself from having to compete with a lot of people.”
Jeanne S., Freelance Writer

To top that off, I also grew my own professional ghostwriting business from side hustle to a pro writing business that earned me my first million.

All by following a simple system any yahoo can learn in one weekend.

Here's what customers say about The Best Way to Say It.

Here’s why all these testimonials matter. . .

If you want world-class persuasive content for your business, your brand, or your book,

You could hire an expert ghostwriter at $1.00 per word.

Or . . . You could scoop up some Fiverr freelancer for twenty-five bucks and tell them what to write.

Or worse, you get a “Scribe” to interview with you, delete the uh’s and um’s from the transcript, and call it done.

In either case, you spend 3 hours rewriting it and regretting every second of it. Would have been cheaper just to write the blasted thing yourself.

Or . . . You could get The Best Way to Say It, my reliable process to unleash your genius, say what you mean, and write something people want to read.

Every. Single. Time.

No self-doubt, no self-censorship, no writer’s block.

And no expensive, net worth-draining copywriters required!

For only $199, you get a lifetime of content that earns clicks, influences readers, and wins customers.

With The Best Way to Say It, you get my proven, predictable process to:

  • come up with a maximally persuasive idea people have never seen before
  • decide what to say about it (and what not to) so you save time
  • structure all your notes into an order so clear, it reads itself
  • refine every point, story, and example to the point there is no better way to say it
  • search engine optimize the crap out of your content so ready-to-buy customers find it
  • write a competition-killing bio that positions you as the go-to expert in your niche

The Best Way to Say It includes:

  • 5 easy-to-watch video tutorials where I teach you step-by-step how to write like a master persuader
  • a 1-page cheat sheet you can print off and follow (so you don’t have to memorize the videos)

PLUS 3 Bonus LIVE EDITING Sessions

Watch me, Joshua Lisec, follow my own process LIVE as I edit:

  • A personal development book chapter by pro boxer Ed Latimore, turning raw notes into an article he cannot wait to publish
  • A pharmaceuticals industry blog post with strict compliance guidelines so you see how to write compelling content when the law limits what you can say
  • A software lead generation email rewritten LIVE with the entrepreneur so you see how I interpret her real-time content ideas into killer-persuasive copy

Learning the Best Way to Say It, in theory is good.

But to watch me follow the process in these LIVE uncensored, unedited sessions is the next best thing to hiring me to write YOUR content.

So if you’re thinking,

“Joshua, where have you been all my professional life?”

Get The Best Way to Say It today.

And within 24 hours . . .

I’ll give you everything you need to know to write any piece of content the right way on the first try.





Landing pages.

Sales letters.


Social media posts.

White papers.


I'll see you inside.

P.S. "But Joshua! I still have questions!"

“Who is this for?”

The Best Way to Say It is designed for anyone who knows what they want to say but isn't sure how to put it into words.

That includes authors, business owners, coaches, consultants, copywriters, creators, entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers, salespeople, speakers, and trainers. 

If you have something to say, this is for you.

The Best Way to Say It has worked for industries ranging from general business and sales to healthcare and enterprise software. I've made compelling writing a system, not a goal.

“Bruh, $199? Really? Why isn’t this a $17 ebook?”

You can pay $199 once for a lifetime of writing content that people want to read. That moves them to open, click, scroll, read, and act.

Humans learn by doing. The next best thing is watching someone else do and learning from them through osmosis.

That’s how The Best Way to Say It teaches you how to write compelling articles, blogs, chapters, emails, newsletters, scripts, and status updates.

By watching me use this plug-and-play system, you learn by watching the maestro at work.

You could do that for one $199 payment. Or you could hire me to write your content for you from $500 to $3,000/month and up.

Your choice.


“What if this course doesn’t work?”

Like Dilbert creator Scott Adams, I believe in systems, not goals. The Best Way to Say It is a proven, repeatable system anyone can follow to go from content chaos to clear, compelling writing that influences people to act without them realizing it.

In other words, the system does the work, not you. If you know how to use a keyboard, you can follow my system.

Just one tip you take away from The Best Way to Say It—like the absolute right way to write the first sentence of an article, email, or chapter—will change the way people consume your content.

For the better.


Is that worth $199?

“Yeah, but what if this course doesn’t work . . . for me?”

OK, special snowflake. If you think nothing works for you, IDK what to tell you. Other than the fact that I don’t want to help you.

Do not buy my course. Go away.
“Do you offer refunds?”

No refunds. Full stop. Two reasons why not:

Reason 1. Even a perfect system does not work if you do not work the system. If at any point you get stuck or have questions, reach out to me at

Yes, that is my personal email, and yes, you can expect a reply.

Reason 2. You know those fake gurus who pass other people’s Stripe notifications and bank account balances as their own?

Since I started my ghostwriting business in 2011, I’ve seen my share of fake customers. They subscribe but never buy. They book discovery calls to get free coaching. And they buy programs they never use before insisting they deserve a refund.

If that’s you, I will fight you. I will screenshot your fraudulent chargeback and shame you to my 30,000+ followers and connections across social media.

“What if I need help beyond the course?”

Email me at and let me know what you need.

Expect a reply within one business day.

Ready to join?

Click the teal "I want this" button.

See you inside.

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The Best Way to Say It: How to Write Anything From Blogs to Books with Epic Persuasion

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