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The Best Way To Tweet It: The Barely Legal Method To Writing Tweets That Get You Paid

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The Best Way To Tweet It merges Ed Latimore’s never-before-shared start-to-finish Twitter income creation strategies and Joshua Lisec’s persuasive writing system.

Because you don’t have to beg for attention, pay for retweets, plagiarize big accounts, or message “please follow back 😭🙏” to make money tweeting.

In short, go from crickets 🦗 to cash 💰 without tweeting like someone you’re not.

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Did you know? There are 330 million monthly active users on Twitter. That’s larger than the population of the United States.

to tweet your way to a six-figure income.

As Ed Latimore always says, you only need 1% of English speakers buying from you to live better than the other 99%.

In fact, you only need a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of them to engage with your content

plus a business with one product, one service, one offer

So what’s the difference between someone with 10,000 followers who makes a measly $100 a month from Twitter . . .

And someone with 1,000 followers who makes $10K?

Authority changes everything.

Buying and begging your way to disengaged followers won’t rake in the Benjamins…

. . . because you don’t have to beg for attention, pay for retweets, plagiarize big accounts, or message “please follow back 😭🙏” to make money tweeting.

NOT Another “Grow Your Twitter” eBook (Or Course)

Just about everyone who gets 10,000 followers puts out a “how to grow your Twitter” guide.

They’re all full of the same “reply, quote tweet, engage with bigger accounts” advice you can find in 45 seconds on Google.

All the Twitter gurus tell you when to tweet or how to style a tweet.

But nobody has told you what to tweet or how to tweet it so that you build authority, get praised by big names, and maximize results.

Until now.

The Best Way To Tweet It fills the gaps in all those courses and ebooks. It shows what others only tell.

Generic knockoffs (like what every Twitter ebook teaches) don’t help you grow your bottom line because people take one look at your timeline and go, “Yeah, I’m already following accounts that say all this.”

Meanwhile, you’ve noticed motivational tweets get all the replies, all the retweets, all the likes. But tweets with a link to buy? Almost nothing.

It’s time to escape from the “my platitudes go viral but my launches get nothing” trap.

The Best Way To Tweet It shows you how to build authority with internet strangers,

become important people’s favorite follow,

and turn your Twitter account into a second (or seventh) income stream

even if you only have 100 followers,

don't know what to tweet about,

stopped growing months ago,

have no product to sell,

and can't write for 💩.

The Best Way To Tweet It is a video training experience (audios and transcripts included) that gives you a proven system to:

  • Find your Twitter voice so you can stand out from the noise
  • Turn lurkers into followers and followers into die-hard fans
  • Increase your Twitter engagement
  • Stand out as an expert and influencer
  • Hijack your followers’ thoughts to align with yours so they promote your content as if it were theirs.
  • Create irresistible calls-to-action that people always respond to—to join your email list, share your content, or click through to your sales page for courses, books, or other products.
  • Speed up your growth rate and get your conversation rate out of the single digits
  • Say what you mean so your followers are crystal-clear on how to get results from your amazing offer
  • Learn what works so you can stop wasting time tweeting zero engagement fluff and spend more time networking and getting paid in your DMs

In short, go from crickets 🦗 to cash 💰 without tweeting like someone you’re not.

“So what makes YOU guys the authorities on tweeting for the Benjamins?”

Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore is a best-selling author, former professional heavyweight boxer, and competitive chess player. His writing focuses on self-improvement and a practical approach to stoic philosophy. He has over 132,000 followers on Twitter and does 40M+ impressions per month.

Over 2,800 people have learned how to grow addictive Twitter accounts through Ed’s ebooks Engagement Is The New Cocaine, The Re-Up: The Next Level Of Twitter Engagement, Under The Influence: The Guide To Your First 1,000 Followers, and The Crackhead Hustle Writing Method.

Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec is the world’s only award-winning, celebrity-recommended, #1 international bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter. He is also creator of the much-beloved, highly-affiliated The Best Way To Say It persuasive writing system (700+ copies sold) and a twice-published novelist.

Since 2011, Joshua has ghostwritten more than 80 full-length books as well as 1,000s of articles, blog posts, speeches, and white papers for household name entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, public figures, and the breakthrough stars of tomorrow in over 100 different industries.

Ed and Joshua are not sinply two dudes who charge money for a “course” just to say we’ve made a ton of money. Nope. We believe in engaging our followers and turning our efforts into cash rather than beefing up vanity metrics or creating bogus quote content that gives no return on time invested.

The Best Way To Tweet It system includes:

  • How To Get The Most From This Program wherein Ed and Joshua teach you the best way to use this program and master bite-sized persuasion so you can build a following who buy from you.
  • The Best Way To Tweet It: The System wherein we teach you the simple workflow that tells you what to tweet & how. Remember, Twitter is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Tweet with a purpose. And there are only four purposes: Create Engagement, Build Authority, Drive Traffic, and Make Sales.
  • The Best Way To Tweet It: The Workflow wherein you get a printable, one-page workflow so you can bang out hundreds of 🔥 tweets in minutes with your brain on autopilot.
  • Look Over Our Shoulder: Watch Ed and Joshua Compose Tweets LIVE Part 1 wherein you watch Ed and Joshua craft tweets and threads for all purposes so you can see The Best Way To Tweet It system in action.
  • Look Over Our Shoulder: Watch Ed and Joshua Compose Tweets LIVE Part 2 wherein Ed and Joshua review how those tweets performed, what worked, what didn’t, and what you can take away to craft high-engagement tweets.
  • The Best Way To Ruin Tweets: The Top 4 Mistakes You Make When You Tweet wherein Ed and Joshua break down the most common yet not-obvious faux pas that make you invisible or worse — non-credible.
  • Persuasion Secrets of Ed Latimore: How To Create On-Demand Engagement wherein we discuss how (and what) to tweet so you resonate with your followers, attract even more, stir up engagement, and polarize the timeline so you stand out.
  • The Breakdown: Ed’s Sweet 16 Tweets (And Why They Work) wherein Ed and Joshua break down top tweets by business outcome — not by engagement alone — such as new email subscribers and product sales so you can re-engineer Ed’s success without copying him.
  • The Best Way To Affiliate (For Creators) wherein you learn how Joshua sold 700+ copies of The Best Way To Say It for $99 over 3 months and starting with fewer than 4,000 followers by leveraging Ed Latimore and other respected, high-follower accounts — and how you can, too.
  • The Best Way To Affiliate (For Marketers) wherein you learn how to find relevant, high-value products to affiliate for — and how to market and sell them fast— without turning off your followers.
  • The Best Way To Productize It wherein you learn how Joshua packaged a decade of ghostwriting expertise into a repeatable system anyone can use to create persuasive content quickly. Ideal for service providers who want to “productize” and create their first (or next) passive income stream.
  • Win The Click: The Best Way To Drive Traffic Off Twitter wherein Ed and Joshua show you tweet-by-tweet what works to move followers off Twitter to read articles, subscribe to newsletters, buy physical and digital products, and book high-ticket services.

Hold up . . . Wait a minute . . . Somethin’ ain’t right. How’s this different from Ed’s Twitter guides and Joshua’s The Best Way To Say It?

Ed’s ebooks teach the techniques he used to build an engaged audience. Joshua’s persuasive writing system is for all forms of content, from 300-page nonfiction books to 300-word emails.

The Best Way To Tweet It is the first system to blend both, giving you ONLY what you need to write persuasive tweets that get engagement, create big collaboration opportunities, and make sales — and nothing more.

Plus, The Best Way To Tweet It is no ebook. It’s a demonstration. A tutorial. A masterclass where you get to watch Ed and Joshua turn vague ideas into tweets that get results.

Reading about tweeting is one thing. Watching masters at work is another. Look over Ed and Joshua’s shoulders as they write and edit LIVE — and as they do “tear downs” of tweets that didn’t work, why they didn’t work, and what it took to improve the next tweet or thread on that topic.

If you enjoyed watching Joshua write and edit Ed Latimore’s content in The Best Way To Say It . . .

And if you want to leverage persuasive language to make Twitter your personal ATM . . .

Then The Best Way To Tweet It is an easy purchase.

Master tweet-sized persuasion — join The Best Way To Tweet It right effing now.

Click the teal "I want this!" button to join.

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The Best Way To Tweet It: The Barely Legal Method To Writing Tweets That Get You Paid

12 ratings
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