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18 tips to write a money-making book

"I want to write a book that makes literally no money lmao."

Said no author ever.

Yet if you observe the typical newbie author, that seems to be their intent.

Amateurs write a book that . . .

  • features a cover designed in Microsoft Paint
  • has an obtuse title and bland subtitle
  • presents no clear value proposition
  • opens with a boring life story
  • repeats other authors

And we haven't even gotten to the most common book structure and style mistakes that make readers put the book down.

And we never want readers to put the book down.

So today, I tweeted out an 18-point thread so you can avoid the pitfalls and perils that doom first-time authors.

How to Make Big Bucks from Your Book:

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Joshua Lisec

P.S. In my next email, I'll introduce you to an author who sold a $4,700 coaching package to a reader ONE DAY after publication. Yes, return-on-investment can happen that soon.

P.P.S. "OK I get it, Josh. You can be my ghostwriter now lol."

If that's you, let's talk. Tell me all about your book here:


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