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why every writer must learn hypnosis

If you consider yourself a "writer."

Or you want to.

Or your job makes you be a "writer" despite your protests, this email is for you.

Let's begin!

Here's why every writer must learn H Y P N O S I S. πŸ‘‡

"I want people to read what I wrote."


"I want people to read what I wrote. And believe me. Then act on it."


Wouldn't it be nice if this happened every time?

You publish something.

A tweet. An article. A sales page.

And the exact people you want reading it . . . read it.

Then do as you tell them.

And feel happy about it.

Wouldn't it be nice.

"Yeah, but that doesn't happen every time," you say. "I'll pour hours into writing something, hit publish, and then . . . nothing." Doesn't have to be this way.

Ever again.

Master persuaders craft words that move the masses. "Well, duh. But how?" you say.

Titans of influence work with the subconscious mind. Not against it. Like most people do. And most people can't write copy for sh*t.

Now, you've heard of hypnosis. Goes kinda like this:

"You're getting very sleepy . . . and your hands move to your credit card . . . you open my sales page . . ."

Wouldn't that be nice? It can be.

If you try to persuade the conscious mind with muh facts and muh figures and muh features and muh specifications and muh 9 left! you're not gonna make it.

Persuade the subconscious, however . . . And your customers want to read more. Scroll more. Grab their card. Type the numbers in. Buy from you I M M E D I A T E L Y.

Hypnosis is uniquely able to take readers on a journey from "Hmm this might be interesting" to "OMGGGG I gotta have this right now."

So if you write tweets. Articles. Emails. Sales pages. Product descriptions. Landing pages. Video scripts. You need hypnosis. And here it is.

This Thursday, February 3, I'm releasing The Best Way to Copywrite It: How to Write Hypnotic Sales Copy. That's 1 day away.

Here's how to get your copy.

Subscribe to The Best Way Newsletter by Thursday at 11:59 PM EST, and The Best Way to Copywrite It is yours. Forever. Subscriptions begin at the equivalent of $33/month (with 12-month plan).


So if you want people to read what you write. Then do as you ask. And send you a gushing THANK YOU email followed by a PLEASE LET ME AFFILIATE FOR YOU. . . The Best Way to Copywrite It is for you. But subscribe by Thursday night when it's gone forever.

Feeling a maybe on this?

Good news: You don't have to wait till Thursday to add persuasion to your talent stack. The second you join, I send you a special edition Newsletter "Issue #0" The Best Way to Write a Book.

"Two issues, no waiting!"

Well, maybe a little. :)

Subscribe now to get The Best Way to Write a Book right now... then The Best Way to Copywrite It on Thursday... then a new action guide every month for the rest of 2022.

See ya inside!

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