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Joshua I very much miss talking/writing to you brother-i'm deep in this Ecom thing which will allow me to purchase a book or two from you. I did go back into my old google drive and found a few old shorts I wrote so I'm about to start emailing you those-read at your discretion. I'm finishing a four part "fictional autobio" about my family life w/theme/title of: "Blue-Bruise-Black is the color of my family's love of me" . . .so, bit darker but you'll laugh mostly b/c I survived!! how's your kids boss? how are you liking all the storms in Ohio this year-pretty normal for us down here in Texas you/hypno writing/ghost writing me a book has definitely NOT fallen off my radar at all you know what I mean-for example re: the James Tiberion Kirk, comma.

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Sure thing and thank you for reaching out

May I feature you?

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Open this if you want 10k/mo

Another persuasion lesson from history.

Do you have a book? I'm serious

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