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[12 Hours Left] The Best Way to Scale It

Hi there.

Question for you.

Are you using terms like “waiting list” and “a deposit to hold your spot” on sales calls?

If so, congrats.

With great victories come new challenges.

Like . . .

"How do I handle all this new business?"

And by handle, you mean . . .

How do I maximize my investment of time in each person that I'm working with, and in each project that I'm working on, so I can take on more?

This is called "scaling."

And it's the secret to 5Xing, if not 10Xing, your income.

In 2015, after four years in the writing business, I earned less than US$30,000, which is far below the average freelance writer's earnings in North America.


Can you imagine how much it sucked to earn less than $30K after grinding daily for four years?

It sucked.

But then everything changed.

I learned how to scale.

How to transition from Employee Brain to CEO Mindset.

Then, two years later, I hit my first six-figure year. And while I'm not about to flex my income, I will say I have significantly increased it year upon year since 2017.

To quote golfer Bubba Watson after winning his first Masters, “I never got this far in my dreams.” 

That's how I felt in 2017 . . . again in 2018 . . . then 2019 . . . and every year since.

The missing ingredient wasn’t writing, marketing, or selling.

It was scaling.

And in tomorrow's edition of The Best Way Newsletter, I will teach you all about it.

The Best Way to Scale It

The Best Way to Scale It shows you how to . . .

  • 5X your productivity
  • Create a predictable daily workflow
  • Build true job security a 9-5 can’t match
  • Take your income from famines to feasting
  • Reduce the headaches and surprises you don’t need
  • Build a realistic path to $1 million working with ZERO full-time employees

Want any of that?


Subscribe to The Best Way newsletter by midnight tonight: Only 12 hours left!

Plans start as low as $33/month with an annual plan.


See you tomorrow.


Joshua Lisec


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