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3 actual reasons to get a ghostwriter

Yes hello.

Joshua here.

Three questions for you . . .

  1. Do you want to save time?
  2. Do you want an elite personal brand?
  3. Do you want bigger, longer-lasting ... clients?

Then guess what:

You need a fractional C-Suite!

Wait, what lol ... I thought this was about ghostwriting.

Yes, this email is.

And it's also about so. much. MORE.

Did you know?

I (Joshua) have a fractional Chief Financial Officer (Jen), a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (Heather), and a fractional Chief Operations Officer (Brian).

What is a fractional Chief anything, you ask?

They're part-time executive positions.

This way, you get the expertise of those roles for a fraction of the cost.

And those people, in turn, can take on many more clients than they would if they had a single 8-5 C-suite gig.

Now, what does this have to do with ghostwriting?

Years ago, an inventor-entrepreneur whose memoir I ghostwrote referred to me as his, "Chief Content Officer."

Because a ghostwriter is more than "yeah so tell me what you wanna say and I'ma do my best to write that for you lmao."

Deploy your ghostwriter's expertise across your entire company.

Repurpose chapters they write for you as company blog articles, white papers, video sales letter scripts, speeches, Twitter threads, and more.

Because a well-ghostwritten book is the content cornerstone of your brand.

But maybe you don't need a ghostwriter.

Or don't you?

In today's Twitter thread, I give you 3 actual reasons you may need a professional ghostwriter, AKA fractional Chief Content Officer.

>>> 3 reasons to get a ghostwriter <<<


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