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[3 Hours Left] Imagine closing a deal ...

Imagine closing a deal.

You get paid US$500.

How long did it take to win the sale?

A couple hours prospecting maybe . . . Another hour on a call with the potential client . . . Then some back-and-forth . . .

Without delivering the service, you're several hours "in the hole." Then, of course, you have to invest time doing the thing you said you would do for the client: coaching, consulting, creating, whatever.

Now try this on:

Imagine nothing about the above scenario changes.

Except for one.

10X the price.

Yep. Instead of getting paid $500, you close the client for $5,000.

Again, nothing changed.

Except your asking price.

Why did it change?

Because you watched The Best Way To High Ticket, my new masterclass in which I teach you how to book, run, and close sales calls with ridiculous ease.

And how did you get the masterclass?

Sinple. You joined Remote Work Mastery this weekend -- and got the masterclass as a special bonus before that bonus expired.

And that bonus masterclass expires in 3 hours -- at 10:00 pm EST.

The future is in your hands now.

Let me help you 10X it.

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