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[3 Hours Left] Watch my 1st acting gig

Howdy there.

Joshua here.

If you say yesterday's email, you know how I got into ghostwriting.

By complete accident.

In short?

I wrote books.

People liked them.

"Can you write mine?"

"Hmm... OK sure."

The End.

Or is it?

Since you're reading this right now, you know it's not.

Around the time I got my first writing gigs, I broke into professional acting.

AKA, "Pay me to pretend to be someone else. Talent optional."

Well, earlier today I dug up my very first ... shall we say ... portrayal.

My job was to advertise, of all things, an Evangelical Christian sermon series.

Oh my... you're thinking.



The director wanted to make the footage look "real."

Like a The Office-style documentary but of the most amateurish sort you can imagine.

Everybody starts somewhere.

And I've always likened professional ghostwriting to "acting in print."

Let's just be grateful my first ghostwriting projects were nothing like my first acting gig. πŸ˜…


Without further ado or hullaballoo ...

I present my first professional gig:

The Christian Atheist starring "Josh" Lisec

Click here. πŸ‘‡


Joshua Lisec

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