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40+ free video lessons on persuasion, hypnosis, & more

They call me "the bingeable ghostwriter."

OK, they don't.

But they should.

Because I gathered the last 2+ years' worth of live video instructions I've published on Twitter . . .

. . . that's 50+ lessons . . .

. . . and compiled them all in a thread you can find right here:

Bookmark this video thread to learn:

  • The Reason Your Copy Isn't Landing ft. Ed Latimore
  • 6 Times Persuasion Never Works ft. Ed Latimore
  • Write Stories People Can't Stop Reading ft. Adam Lane Smith
  • 7 Ways to Get Paid for Your Writing ft. Jon Finkel
  • Watch Me "Persuasion-ize" Jose Rosado LIVE
  • How to Charge $25,000 for Your Service
  • and dozens more!

Enjoy the bingeable ghostwriter!


Joshua Lisec

P.S. New Best Way Newsletter issue drops next week. Juicy details forthcoming!


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