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5 books that sell during recessions

If you're writing a book . . .

Or want to write a book . . .

Or think you might want to write a book in the next 2-3 years . . .





"Slower book sales, less money, forced to downsize!"

Before you despair and click away, I should tell you something:

That article warning of "slower book sales"?

It's from 2009.

Yep. The last recession.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme, as they say.

So where does that leave you?

If you want to write a book that SELLS like WILDFIRE in this recession-ish economy . . .

You must do one thing:

Learn what books sold like MAD during 2008-2010.

Because you can emulate the success of authors who sold a whole lotta books when the public felt a financial pinch.

Monday's thread shows you how.

Clickety-click below; let's go!

>>> 5 books that sell a LOT during recessions <<<


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