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5 ghostwriting mistakes that HURT

Question . . .

What fate is worth than death?

Whatever your religious belief is, as you think about your answer, there's one word that will come to mind, or one word like it.

That word?


Death is the end; suffering makes you long for the end.

Yikes. A little heavy for a Friday, isn't it, Josh?

It really is.

And it's the word that was on my mind as I wrote yesterday's thread.

There, I talked about 5 ghostwriting mistakes that stole thousands of hours from my life.

These 5 mistakes made me miss precious moments . . . regret that . . . and feel so, so helpless.

I can't get those countless hours back.

But like a literary Jacob Marley, this ghost of a writer can come a-clankin' back to you with a warning:

Don't do as I have done.

Whether you're a ghostwriter or not, there's still time to save you from the suffering I endured.

>>> the 5 ghostwriting mistakes that made me SUFFER <<<

Save yourself.


Joshua Lisec


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