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900k from a 99-dollar course

Five years in a row, my friend Simo Hosio pursued a grant in his home country of Finland.

It's called the Academy Research Fellow from the Academy of Finland. And it's worth almost $900,000 in US dollars.

From 2017 to 2020 when Simo applied?



No way.

And nah.

But in 2021, everything changed.

That's when Simo bought (and applied) The Best Way To Say It.

In Simo's own words . . .

A $99 Gumroad course can make all the difference. Because sometimes every sentence counts.

The idea didn't change.

The presentation did.

The number of adverbs did.

The focus did.

If you want to invest in yourself, get The Best Way to Say It.

From Simo's story, we gain two quick tips to improve your writing and close big deals:

  1. Eliminate as many adverbs as you can from everything you write (e.g., -ly words, very, just, etc.).
  2. Focus your book on ONE big idea. One. Not four. Not eleven. One.

Apply both of these tips to profit big like Simo.

And if you don't have the original Best Way to Say It, get it here.


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