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A book is the new college degree

"If everyone has one, what's it worth?"

Not effing much, friend.

That's the problem with "muh college degree 4 all" advice.

If every ole yahoo gets a generic college degree, said yahoo is no longer differentiated from other job candidates, career professionals, and so on.

Harsh but true.

So true I gave a TEDx Talk about it.

I'm observing the same over-supply problem with books.

Self-publishing technology has allowed every ole yahoo to author a book, too.

"If I just write a book that makes me an expert lol yolo."

How about lol yolo no it doesn't?

In my latest YouTube Video, I explain why.

I also tell you what type of book you MUST write if you want to differentiate yourself from all the B-grade authors crowding your topic.

>>> VIDEO: A book is the new college degree <<<


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