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First Author Advantage (and how to get it)

Have you ever heard of "First Mover Advantage"?

It goes like this . . .

The first offer gets the best reception.

The first product gets the most customers.

The first business in a new market gets the most investors.

Even if it's not the "best" one.

Want to an unfair advantage?

Be first.

You'll also saturation-proof your niche because you're the only one who is ever recognized as "first."

So be first.

Now for a little backstory:

The First Mover hypothesis is based on the Primacy Effect.

What happens first, we remember best.

This, of course, applies to authorship.

Here's how.

The first entrepreneur to write "the" book for their industry is the winner who takes all.

It's First Author Advantage.

Because when you write the go-to book, even if it's not the best, book, everyone who writes on the topic after you do will have their book compared to yours.

Even if "so-and-so's book is better than [your book]." That's free word-of-mouth.

In the online economy, nothing is more valuable than attention.

So if you want to get attention . . .

And you want your industry to see you as the preeminent authority . . .

Write the first book about it.

Before a competitor does β€” a competitor who hired a ghostwriter.

And if you feel stuck, here is The Best Way To Say It summed up in just one tweet β€” and endorsed by New York Times bestselling author Scott Adams:

The Best Way To Say It, in 1 tweet

Now go get your First Author Advantage, while supplies last. :)


Joshua Lisec

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