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From $9 ebook to $4700 client in 1 day

We've got a cool story to start your week!

My client Noah Revoy's new book Become Immune to Manipulation released several days ago.

And you know how I emphasize manuscript monetization on all my book projects. AKA, your book must convert readers into clients.

And Noah's book has done just that!

A mere one day after publication, a customer who'd bought the ebook version reached out to Noah.

"I'd like to hire you," he said.

Boom, $4,700 package sold.

Here is the truth:

The right book written well grows your business in a way no other product or service can.

So if you're in business.

And you want to grow.

You need a book.

Watch my full interview with Noah over on YouTube:

Then tell me about your book idea, and I'll show you how to monetize it like Noah:


Joshua Lisec

P.S. People tell me they buy my clients' books just because I'm associated with them. Even if they have no interest in the topic!

For example, readers told me they bought a book on divorce law I worked on just because I worked on it. Despite being happily married!

You know how that must have gone.

"Honey, we need to talk. Why did you buy this book?" πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚

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Neesha Shah

Fascinating topic, great YouTube discussion, and I'm going to get this book. :-) I love how Noah said most business problems stem from relationship problems, and those without good boundaries will not be respected in any domain.

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