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He doubled his fee — Here's how

"I had the balls to more than double my fee."

That's what a fellow ghostwriter emailed me.

After he bought The Best Way to High Ticket.

And the zesty $9 masterclass worked.

That's now all he said. Have a gander at his email for yourself:

"I had the balls" Case Study Pt. 1

Now. . .

If you're anything like me, you hate these gushing "OMG look at lil ole me you like me, you really like me" pseudo testimonials.

You know the type. . .

The braggart goes on and on about a client's or student's results but won't answer the only question you care about:


As in, how did that person get those results, and how can I, too?

In the next few paragraphs, I reveal all!

Real quick though — Bookmark the link to The Best Way to High Ticket so you can come back later. That way, if you've already bought it, you'll finally watch it. And if you haven't, yay! You're in for a real treat.

Here's the direct link:

Back to the show!

How did our friend stay calm, hold frame, and double his price?

It's simple.


Look at the next email this fellow sent me:

"I Had the Balls" Case Study Pt. 2

In a hypnosis session, the professional guides the client step by step towards their desired outcome and away from the anxiety, trauma, pain, or vice that brought them to the hypnotist in the first place.

No step is skipped in the sequence. The client is able to see themselves living the life they want . . . hearing how everything will turn out . . . believe it's possible . . . and feel as though it has already come to pass.

Then it does.

High-ticket sales is hypnosis.

The client sees, hears, believes, and feels.

Because you lay out the step-by-step path to achieve they're desired outcome.

My hypnosis confidante Shannon always says, "Hypnosis is like a GPS. Just tell it where you want to go."

So, too, is a high-ticket sales call.

Let the client tell you where they want to go, then take them there — LIVE on the call!

Explain your process. Show how it works and why. Ask for the sale.


Use this tip on your next sales call, pitch, or interview. Then reach out to me and let me know how it went!


Joshua Lisec

P.S. Here's the link to The Best Way to High Ticket one more time:


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