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Introducing The Best Way Newsletter ...

... coming January 2022.

Get on the waiting list for 43% off your subscription.

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Hey howdy hey. Joshua Lisec here.

Since releasing The Best Way To Say It, the look-over-my-shoulder course that started it all, I've gotten hundreds of emails, replies, and messages with the same question:

"A Joshua Lisec membership when?"

The Best Way Newsletter is my answer.

Every month beginning in January, you'll get a new action guide in your inbox every month.

No logins, no homework, no watching 2 hours of video for one insight.

Just fast action and instant results.

Here's a sampling of what I've got planned for the Newsletter.

The Best Way To ...

  • Write Sales Copy That Converts at 9.9%

  • Write Email Subject Lines

  • Convert Book Readers into Clients

  • Hypnotize Yourself into a Writing Machine

  • Sell Your Services for $50,000 a Pop

  • Give Interviews That Generate Qualified Leads

  • Make $1 Million Selling Books

  • Pitch, Earn, and Deliver a TEDx Talk

  • Start a Side Hustle and Make It a Full-Time Income

  • Get Clients on Social Media the Stupid-Easy Way

  • Give Yourself the Productivity

So if you're thinking, Dude . . . you had me at "Joshua Lisec newsletter" . . .

Grab a spot on the waiting list right now. Only wait-listers get 43% off.

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When you do subscribe to the wait list, be sure to double opt-in and then complete the 1-question survey so you get everything you need to absolutely WIN 2022.


Joshua Lisec

P.S. Want to hear how The Best Way Newsletter is different from my courses? Watch this 4-minute video:

Joshua's Newsletter


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