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how to get a Big 5 publishing deal

Hi. Joshua here.

This email is relevant to you if you want to write a book.

. . . which covers 85% of people.

That's how many of us want to author a book someday.

So . . . probably relevant to you.

Aspiring authors often ask me about the pros and cons of independently publishing versus traditionally publishing.

What's traditional publishing?

That's where you write a book proposal (i.e., a business plan for your book), include a few sample chapters from the manuscript, get a literary agent, and land a publishing contract with a publishing house who pays you an advance against royalties.

For most people, independent publishing makes sense. You control the book's content, the release timeline, the rights and royalties, everything.

From my perspective, traditional publishing only works for authors whose industries require "institutional support."

What's institutional support?

If you work for an organization or consult with clients whose executives have gotten a traditional publishing deal, and you want those guys and gals taking you serious . . . you may want to pursue a traditional book deal first.

Hey, no reason you can't take the indie route if the trad way doesn't pan out.

So, what all do you need to see if the traditional publishing path is a go for you?

A couple years ago, I recorded a video that is now my most-viewed YouTube content.

"Big 5" refers to the 5 (soon to be 4 thanks to a merger) biggest publishing houses in the world.

And here is that video now for your viewing pleasure and education.

How to Get a Big 5 Publishing Deal:



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Video: Get a Big Publishing Deal


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