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embarrassing photo + quick story

Let me tell you a story.

But first!

Want to see something fun?

Look at 20-year-old Joshua Lisec.


What does he know.

Well, he didn't know a daggum thing about ghostwriting.

In fact, as a youngster, I never even wanted to become a ghostwriter.

Because I didn't know ghostwriting was a thing!

Here's what changed.

After I wrote (and published) two novels, two readers asked me the same question.

"Can you help me write my book?"

I was working on my third novel at the time but figured why not! We'll take a quick break from this draft, make a few literary dreams come true, then get back to my stuff.

That was a decade ago.

And I've been saying "Why not help you write your book!" ever since.

Because it's more rewarding than writing my own stuff.

Ghostwriting can be for you, too.

As a professional ghostwriter, you get to:

  • earn a living writing what you love to write
  • make money from anywhere with ZERO overhead
  • be the voice of important people and give them the words they need
  • enjoy the satisfaction of influencing millions for good, righteous causes
  • receive a flat fee so you can focus on the job, not worry about marketing
  • earn as much as $1/word USD writing books, articles, speeches, and tweets


If you resonate with ANY of those bullets . . .

Then my new newsletter The Best Way to Ghostwrite It is for you.

It's coming this Sunday, April 3rd, and you have to be subscribed by Saturday night to receive it.

In The Best Way to Ghostwrite It, I will teach you:

  • intuitive ways
  • to find the right voice
  • even if itโ€™s your own
  • and say what needs to be said
  • in a way no one has read before
  • so people crave more
  • and you get repeat clients and referrals

Sound good?


I'm offering a new 3-month plan for $199 USD.

That means you get The Best Way to Ghostwrite It course-in-an-email sent to you this Sunday April 3rd.

Join here:

There's more!

When you buy the 3-month plan, you also get:

  • Special Edition Issue -- The Best Way to Write a Book -- It's yours the MINUTE you subscribe!
  • May's Newsletter Issue -- The Best Way to TED Talk It
  • June's Newsletter Issue -- The Best Way to Headline It

That's FOUR issues for $199.

FOUR new skills in your talent stack.

FOUR ways to earn a living as a great communicator in whatever profession you desire, from ghostwriter to professional speaker to copywriter to consultant.

Join me for The Best Way. Get your 3-month plan here. ๐Ÿ‘‡


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