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Let me hypnotize you?

You opened this email because you're curious.

What's it like to be hypnotized --

By Joshua Lisec?

Or . . .

You opened because you want to know . . .

What's a ghostwriter know about hypnosis?

Or . . .

You just want to know more about hypnosis AKA subconscious persuasion because, well, it's cool.

Which is why I began studying hypnosis in the first place.

And if you hadn't heard . . .

As of two weeks ago, I am now the first and only Certified Ghostwriter and Certified Hypnotist on the planet.

(By California State University Long Beach and the National Guild of Hypnotists, respectively.)

Here's what that means:

It's my job to ghostwrite content that hypnotizes readers to take action.

That's a mighty profitable offer, in case you hadn't heard.

It's also my job to unlock the mysteries and obscurities of this ancient art we now call hypnosis, formerly known as "mesmerism."

Interest piqued yet?

Then check out my latest Twitter broadcast. Click here.

In this video, I use subtle persuasion to help you live without SHAME.

Word of warning first! ⚠️

You may find yourself wanting to disagree with me, like Alexandria did.

And like her, you will not be able to. :)

Now, enjoy this hypnosis sample from yours truly.

Click. Go. πŸ‘‡

>>> Micro Lesson: Live Free from Shame <<<


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