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Guess what!

On April 3rd, I'm sending all Best Way Newsletter subscribers the crown jewel of my content:

The Best Way to Ghostwrite It

For me to teach you The Best Way To Ghostwrite It, I first must start with The Worst Way To Ghostwrite It.

Because that’s the method most ghostwriters use. I’m not saying “my competitors” use it because these people aren’t in competition with me. They’re fighting to stay in business, and you’ll soon see why.

When the general public reads or hears the word “ghostwriting,” it's no bueno.

For example . . .

When I tell someone—a friend, a family member, some dude in line at the bank—that I’m a ghostwriter, their first question is usually, “So you make stuff up, and then the person puts their name on it?”


Unfortunately, that is precisely what your garden-variety ghostwriter does. Make crap up.

Some copy half the book from Wikipedia without even paraphrasing the wording. That’s why most ghostwriters in the world don’t enjoy repeat customers or word-of-mouth advertising. I do the opposite, which is why my waitlist fills up with repeat clients and referrals.

Even some experienced ghostwriters use The Worst Way.

Many celebrity ghostwriters work for ghostwriting agencies, who in turn get hired by famous people. Someone who has a television show, or who’s a tenured professor and pop-sci writer, or who has a column in a major newspaper, will contact a New York City or Los Angeles-based ghostwriting agency and say, “I need someone to write a book for me.”

More often than not, the process is as hands-off as possible for the client. Usually the client gets interviewed by a ghostwriter who’s been assigned to them at random from the agency, and who has never met the client before. The client says, “My book should be on this topic. I want to make these key points. Here are a couple stories. Call me when it’s done!”

At big ghostwriting agencies, it’s often a fast turnaround, sometimes as quick as sixty to ninety days. The ghostwriter makes up 100,000 words of pure drivel in the client’s voice.

Well, sometimes.

Sometimes it’s not even in the client’s voice! The freelancer blasts out a manuscript with very little direction or guidance, then returns to the agency and says, “Here's your book.”



So what's the alternative?

What's the best way to ghostwrite it?

You'll find out Sunday, April 3rd.

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Joshua Lisec

P.S. As far as I know, no other ghostwriter has penned as many books as I have at my age.

65 books by age 30.

There's a reason they call me "the #1 ghostwriter."

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