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Persuasive Parenting?

Well, isn't this an interesting little detour from the usual.

My "shtick," as you know, is persuasion-driven ghostwriting.

I'm the guy with the courses and the services for people who want something written that makes readers take action.

Whether that action be buying a $10,000 services package, or following the teacher's instructions in the course material to get the promised outcome.

Of course, persuasion has more applications than business.

If you follow me on Twitter (@JoshuaLisec), you know I also tweet about persuasion techniques applied to:

  • marriage
  • religion
  • family
  • politics
  • news media
  • activism
  • propaganda

And more!

Speaking of more, several days ago, I tweeted about persuasive parenting.

Persuasive Parenting: The radical idea that children are human beings we want to raise into sovereign individuals with personal agency

Manipulative parenting methods are thus The Worst Way To Parent It because they require guilt, shame, punishment, bribes, gaslighting, and worse.

"But Josh! How do I make my kid do what they gotta do without rules and spanking and sticker charts??"

Excellent question.

While I don't have the perfect answers, I can offer you this brief case study:

A Persuasive Parenting Short Story: How to Get a Kid to Do What They Need to Do (And Have It Be Their Idea)

If you're a parent or want to be one someday, and you don't like the idea of coercing or cajoling your kid into "acting right," that link is for you.



Joshua Lisec

P.S. This isn't the first time I've discussed persuasive parenting. Zac and Anthony had me on their podcast for this very reason a few weeks ago. Check that out here.


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