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[Photo] How to create a $1 million offer

Hey howdy hey.

It's Joshua Lisec here.

I drew this bad boy up the other day.

The Golden Offer.

And it includes three elements that, together, tell you exactly what to sell and to whom.

The Golden Offer by @JoshuaLisec

This is perfect for people who have multiple services they could sell . . .

Different books they could write . . .

Several niches that might pay . . .

But you don't know what.

The solution is simple:

Sell a service you can perform well AND few quality options exists AND people want it f'ing bad.

Do this, and you've got yourself an offer you can sell to the tune of $1 million USD per year.

So write back and tell me . . .

What's your Golden Offer?

Seriously. I wanna know.

Pitch me. :)


Joshua Lisec

P.S. My golden offer is straightforward:

"I ghostwrite business books that convert readers into clients."

Service delivered well, check.

Few reliable alternatives exist, check.

People need it bad, check.

See? Simple.


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