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succeed from home > just "work" from home

Did you hear?

New course dropped this week.

Remote Work Mastery: The Ultimate Work-from-Home System to Work Smart, Stress Less, and Love Life

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, full-time career professionals, and hybrid workers are using our tools, tips, and tactics to get more done at home, stay motivated without office mates, and leave work behind mentally when you're "done."

And if you asked me?

The #1 reason to join is this:

Systems to get more done > Goals to optimize busywork

Join Remote Work Mastery:

Course co-creator Yoni Falkson of and I structured our advice as a repeatable system you can follow (versus a smattering of "this could work" ideas).

And the #1 reason to join TODAY is this:

All 5 juicy bonuses expire tomorrow (Saturday at 10:00 pm EST).

What bonuses we talking about here? Have a gander at these . . .

Joshua Lisec’s The Best Way to High Ticket

The step-by-step process and script template for running video sales calls, discovery sessions, and free consultations to close high-paying projects, gigs, and clients — on the spot.

Your Best Night of Sleep Ever (A Podcast Notes Collection)

The best ideas, latest science, and most effective products to help you get your best night of sleep ever. 15+ podcasts. 1 post.

A Guide to the Best Advice from Naval Ravikant (A Podcast Notes Collection, 2021 Edition)

A compilation of the Angel Philosopher's best ideas and recommendations. You’ll learn what books Naval recommends reading, how to get rich without getting lucky, how to be happy, and much more.

A Guide to Mental Models (A Podcast Notes Collection)

The best ideas from 9 amazing podcasts that will teach you helpful mental models to improve your decision-making process at work, with your finances, and at home.

A Guide to Growing & Monetizing Your Twitter Following (A Podcast Notes Collection)

A compilation of the world’s most-engaged, highest-followed Twitter pros sharing the secrets to making money tweeting.

Once 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday comes, these bonuses are GONE.

So borrow the best practices from the world’s best to succeed from home.

And join Remote Work Mastery today.


See you inside,

Joshua Lisec

P.S. Get Remote Work Mastery before all 5 bonuses expire Saturday!

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