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3 things your book must do

Most people don't want to write a book;

they want to have written a book.



To have written a book means you're already standing beneath the waterfall of authorship blessings. For example, you are . . .

  • Being taken seriously by important people
  • Pre-handling complex sales objections
  • Setting yourself apart in the industry
  • Pivoting industries without starting over
  • Getting massive attention and exploding your following
  • Converting book readers into high-paying clients

All because you wrote a book.

Not just any book.

The best book you could have: a profitable book.

And that's the book because you checked 3 essential boxes.

I call these, "The 3 O's of Profitable Books." They're simple.

The 3 O's of Profitable Books

Overpromise: Your title, subtitle, and book description must feel, to you, like clickbait.

Overdeliver: Readers must learn what they didn't even know they needed to learn.

Overwhelm: "This is a lot to take in. Does the author have a website? A course? Maybe I can even hire them."

Miss any of these, and you miss out on the advantages that being "Author Of" brings.

We don't want that!

So if you're currently writing a book ...

Or thinking about starting a book ...

Tell me! Which of the 3 O's would you like help with?

  1. Overpromise?
  2. Overdeliver?
  3. Overwhelm?

It's OK to hit reply and let me know.

Writing your debut book is too important to not get all the help you can.

Because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time.


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Overdeliver is my vote.

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