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The Best Way to Make Money Writing Books

If you want to write a book . . .

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Or did write a book . . .

This email is for you.

More accurately, my Newsletter is for you.

Today, January 3rd, Issue #1 of The Best Way Newsletter is out.

In this action guide, which comes straight to your inbox, I teach you:

  • non-obvious ways

  • to market your book

  • that result in sales

  • because they already work for other authors

  • and can for you, too,

  • even if you are not a bestseller,

  • are not traditionally published,

  • and don't even have a book for sale right now!

I include that last line because what works to sell a whole lotta books works to sell a whole lotta everything else, including software, courses, coaching, and services.


And when you do subscribe to the Newsletter, you also get Special Edition Issue #0 The Best Way to Write a Book.

So if authoring a book is on your agenda for 2022, subscribe to my Newsletter today for the "best way" to do it.

So you make back your investment in the effort . . . and then some.


To get Issue #1 The Best Way to Make Money Writing Books, you have to subscribe by tonight (Monday) at 9:00 pm EST.

That's in 12 hours.

ALL past issues disappear into the vault the day after release.

So only subscribers who were on the list by this month's release date get the new Issue each month.


Get your subscription here for as low as $33/month.

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