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The Joshua Lisec Habits — #4 is worth 50K

Yes hello.

Three months ago on a Best Way Newsletter Live Q&A call, a total chad of a subscriber asked me this . . .

"Is there anything you'd recommend doing daily to sharpen my persuasive writing skills?"

I got to work answering his question.

The result is the August Newsletter, which is releasing tomorrow.

The 5 Joshua Lisec Writing Habits You Will Learn Tomorrow

  1. HABIT 1: How to ethically launder other people's greatness into your writing
  2. HABIT 2: The one rule that deepens your writing with ease to impress strangers
  3. HABIT 3: What I stop myself from doing every day (this is hard AF)
  4. HABIT 4: My daily checkbox practice that's worth $50,000 minimum
  5. HABIT 5: The long game I play that gives me freedom and flexibility

I will teach you these lifechanging habits.

You will learn them quick.

It will be fun.

Join. ⬇️


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