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The Persuasive Writer's Playlist 🎡

Is it hard to move people with your writing?

Really hard?

What if you could make readers feel the exact emotion they need to take the precise action you want?

You can.

I'll show you:

Have you ever been moved by someone's writing?

Have you ever felt like they were right there with you β€” that they "got" you?

To pull you into their writing, they first had to feel that feeling.

You can't describe love without FEELING love. You can't describe rage without FEELING rage.

So how do you write with feeling if you're not "feeling it" when you need to write?

Meet the Persuasive Writer's Playlist:

21 songs (you haven't heard before!) to get into the creative state, open your mind's resources, and let the right words flow

After all . . .

Writing is persuasion in print.

So feel the right feeling, write with the mood, and trigger readers to act NOW.

But! Word of caution . . .

Not every emotion compels action.

Some writing gives you pause.

Other writing pulls you into self-reflection.

And still other writing pisses you off.

So how do you write the right words that get across the right feeling you want readers to have?

It's simple.

These 21 tracks I've used over the last 11 years to ghostwrite 65+ books including international bestsellers and made my clients tens of millions of US dollars.

All because I felt the right feeling, wrote the right words, and made readers act.

You can do the same.

Pro Tip:

Listen to each track on repeat with a looping service like

OK, now for that playlist.

The Persuasive Writer's Playlist

Track 1 begins here:

Just follow the thread on down.

Choose the feeling you need, click the link, start listening, and the words will flow.

Happy persuading!


Joshua Lisec


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