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This costs $198,000

What's your guess?

When you saw that subject line, what came to mind?

What costs $198,000?

Well . . . a Bentley does.

Specifically, a 2022 Bentley Flying Spur.


So does the median house in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

But that's now what I had in mind.

You see . . .

A few days ago, I read an interview with a freelance ghostwriter.

It turns out, I've ghostwritten 3X the number of books she has.

But she charges $198,000.

For a manuscript.

Not a book, mind you.

Like, a real book people can buy with a pretty cover and sweet graphics and a snazzy layout with dope sales copy.


A manu-effing-script.

AKA, a Word document.

That you have to figure out what to do with. Otherwise, it'll just sit there on your hard drive collecting digital cob webs.

"Here's YourBook.docx. That'll be $198,000, please."

Reading that interview, I realized two things:

  1. "High end" pricing is relative.
  2. We all need to raise our prices.

So raise your prices.

Because you're not charging for your time, labor, or materials.

You're charging for value.

Or at least you should be.

So if you do nothing else after reading this email, do this:

Charge your next client a little bit more than the last one.

Can you do that?


If that feels scary or undoable, maybe check out my masterclass:

The Best Way to High Ticket: Make People Feel Good about Paying You $10,000+

Otherwise, enjoy your higher prices. πŸ₯‚


Joshua Lisec


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