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"Tony Robbins told me I needed to..."

If Tony Robbins gave you personally advice, would you follow it?

Business consultant Charles Gaudet II did.

Several years ago, Tony's advice to Charles was this:

"You need to write a book."

Charles, taking that tip serious, did.

And so The Predictable Profits Playbook was born.

Because the most influential people in the world all wrote a book.

Or had a book written about them.

Or both.

After publishing his book, Charles saw all the following increase:

  • Perception of authority
  • Perceived credibility
  • Speaking fees
  • Media mentions
  • Conversion rates

A book can do what other information products like courses can do, like teach your unique methods and share your stories.

But no course can do what a book does.

If you'd like to hear more about how to write a book that increase your authority, your fees, and your conversion rates, listen to last Thursday's 42-minute Twitter Space featuring Charles Gaudet II.

Just click this link:


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