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Turn transcripts into a book?

So you want to write a book.

But what if . . .

You already did?

What if your book just takes the form of "Some Assembly Required"?

I'm talking transcripts.


  • podcast interviews

  • course videos & audios

  • speech recordings

  • Twitter broadcasts

  • webinars & workshops

  • sermons (yes, really)

If you have any (or all) of the above . . .

But have not yet repurposed & monetized all that content in a book . . .

2022 may be the time.

That's exactly what this bloke did; I got this message a couple days ago:

So he reached out to me.

Because I'm the person to do it.

I once turned an author's 500,000 words worth of transcribed content into a 50,000-word bestseller.

It's a lot like Michelangelo's David. All I did was cut everything that did not belong in the final product.

Sometimes we ghostwriters start books from scratch. Other times we have 10 books' worth of content and need to whittle it down to 1 solid draft that will sell.

If having someone turn your transcripts into a book sounds fun, convenient, and profitable, reply to this email with "Transcribe me, Joshua." :)

And so you have some idea what to expect, check out this video from a client; I turned Andy's course transcripts into a book that made him a whole lotta money.

Hit reply if you want to be next.


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Case Study: Turning Transcripts into a Book


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