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Unexpected tax write-off?

Hey howdy hey.

Joshua the Lisec here.

A couple entrepreneurs reached out to me and said they're ready to write a book.

The reason that pulled them off the fence?

Lower their tax bill.

Yep . . . here in the You Ess of Ay, the higher your businesses expenses, the lower your tax liability (roughly).

And professional ghostwriting falls into the category "Legal & Professional Services," which you can write off.


This just might be The Best Way To Lower Your Tax Liabilities . . .

. . . so if you're thinking about authoring a book in 2022, consider doing so sooner than later.

Here's the scoop on why. Video below.

New Video: Write a Book, Pay Less Taxes??

Neither this email nor this video are financial advice.




Joshua Lisec

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Let's do this.

I want 43% off!


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