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[Video] Typos lower book sales??

A few days ago, I caught a video ad which claimed "the #1 reason books don't sell is because the author didn't hire an editor."

Hmm. πŸ€”

Have you ever read or heard of Gorilla Mindset? It's a self-published book by Mike Cernovich. That bad boy has sold over 100,000 copies.

I think I counted 12 typos in the first chapter.

Do typos lower book sales?


You know what does doom a book?




This tricky triumvirate lead authors to write a book nobody wants to pay $20 for, much less invest 4 hours readers.

And in my new video, I show you how to avoid that mistake and write a useful book that thousands of people want.

Is a Book Editor Worth It?

Video Link:


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