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get paid $1/word to write

Why would you want to learn ghostwriting?

What's in it for you?

Good question.

Because if you're not an aspiring ghostwriter, the answer isn't obvious.

Now let me ask you a question.

What you like to get paid a lot to write a lot?

If the answer is yes, ghostwriting is for you.

As a ghostwriter, you write for someone else.

A public figure.

An entrepreneur.

A TED speaker.

A celebrity.

An executive.

A consultant.

All of the above.

And they need a lot of content written.

And they need it yesterday.

Books. Articles. Emails. Speeches. LinkedIn posts. Video scripts. Twitter threads.

And these VIP clients have money.

$1/word kind of money.

That means a 50,000-word book = $50,000 project.



There's a catch.

You can't just write a client's content the way you write.

Nor can you just interview them, transcribe it, cut the typos and uh's and um's, and call it a day.

Ghostwriting pays the best because it's the hardest.

Big-Money Ghostwriting = Interview Skills + Research Knowhow + Persuasion Talent + Acting Ability + Publishing Knowledge

You may have some or all of those skills already.

But to package them into a $1/word offer?

That's hard.

So let me make it easy.

And the way to make it easy is The Best Way to Ghostwrite It.

That's the April issue of The Best Way Newsletter.

And you can get it on April 3rd.

For only $199 USD.

That's the NEW 3-month plan I'm offering.

That means this Sunday, you get The Best Way to Ghostwrite It.

Then in May, The Best Way to TED Talk It shows you how to pitch, earn, and leverage your very own TEDx Talk.

And in June, you get The Best Way to Headline It. Write subject lines, book titles, course pitches, one-line persuasion bombs, and more.

Is getting writing projects for $1/word worth $199 USD?

If you believe it can be, click below and subscribe. πŸ‘‡

And you'll get The Best Way to Ghostwrite It this Sunday April 3rd.

Then The Best Way to TED Talk It and The Best Way to Headline It in May and June.

See you Sunday!


Joshua Lisec

P.S. Best Way subscribers are satisfied and impressed with the newsletters so far. The investment is a no-brainer. Here's what our mate Az said:


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