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what to say instead of adverbs

"Actually, you didn't . . ."

"She basically told me . . ."

"Like, I literally can't even . . ."

"Essentially, what you're doing is . . ."

In the examples above, you don't need to know what comes next to know it's a lie.

Actually, basically, literally, essentially, and their adverbial brethren are what I call BADverbs.

AKA, adverbs that lie.

If 1 BTC = 1 BTC, then 1 adverb = 1 lie.

Now, of course not every instance of an adverb is a lie.

Even so, all writing benefits from clarity. From precision. From manipulation-free communication.

So what do you say instead of adverbs?

Let me offer up an example.

Last week, I tweeted 10 things to say instead of "quickly"

Check that thread out below, and free yourself from anti-persuasive, deceit-laden writing:

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Literally Joshua Lisec

P.S. You might enjoy my new video on the topics of "badverbs." It's called:

Adverbs, Manipulation, and a New Mode of Being: An Unexpected Theory of Everything

Click the link below to watch.

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