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When I google you


When I google you . . .

What do I find?

  • Your personal Facebook with no posts since 2019?
  • Your private info, like home address?
  • An obituary of someone with the same name as you?

All of the above?

Not good. 😬

This is 2022, friend.

Internet search is the new resume/CV.

It's the new background check.

Googling you is the new "due diligence" before signing your dotted line and paying your first invoice.

If you want to "make it" in your business or career, you've got to have "wow moment" search results.

Meaning this:

Someone searches you. They see your face everywhere. The top podcasts. Interviews with big names. Influential people praising you.

Notice this is third-party content, not links to your website.

People trust most what others say about you, not what you say about yourself.

So then!

What's the fastest way to blow people away with your credibility and status when they google you?

In a word:


You, your voice, and your face need to be everywhere.

Not one or two niche shows that like five people download.

We need a dozen interviews with you . . . two dozen or more even . . . with show hosts whose audiences are in the thousands.

And wherever you are, your authority and expertise are on display for the world.

But Josh! I haven't given podcast interviews before! Where do I start! Gah!

Let me solve that problem for you.

Tomorrow morning's issue of The Best Way Insiders (formerly Newsletter) gives you this:

The Best Way To Give Interviews That Get Clients

This issue is for you IF:

  • You want more "pre-sold" inbound leads.
  • Nobody knows who you are (yet).
  • You need to get the word out about your work, your ideas, or yourself
  • You sell a complex product or expensive service that people need to be really convinced they need.
  • You suck at giving interviews and hate how you look and sound when recorded.
  • You want to be introduced to your industry as THE expert and go-to authority.

There's a catch though . . .

If you do not subscribe TODAY, you do not get The Best Way To Give Interviews That Get Clients tomorrow.

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But no matter when you subscribe, you always get access to Special Edition Issue #0, The Best Way to Write a Book. It's evergreen!

The Best Way to Write a Book

Whatever you need to make it BIG during this recession, I've got you covered.

See you in the Insiders.

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