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Why your book is taking so long

"Why is my book taking so long? It should be done by now!"

If this thought ever occurred to you, this email is for you.

Here are 7 reasons your book takes 10 times longer than you think it should.

Reason 1. Your book takes longer than it should because you wrote it before you read 3-star review on similar books.

Know what readers hate so you can give them what they'll love.

Reason 2. Your book takes longer than it should because you didn't leave enough time for processing.

Sorry... Platforms gonna platform.

The world's largest online bookstores are not going to abandon their timeline for listing new books for sale. If your publisher gives you a time table, stick with it. But if you miss that time table, you know who to blame.

Reason 3. Your book takes longer than it should because you hired a ghostwriter after you wrote most of the first draft.

Yeah. No. We're not keeping that.

We startin' from scratch.

Reason 4. Your book takes longer than it should because you wanted "affordable" editing and "low-cost" publishing help.

Affordable and low-cost = Takes twice the time they promised and looks twice as bad as you feared

Reason 5. Your book takes longer than it should because you're trying to cram a 100,000-word topic into 40,000 words. Don't write follow-up books or better yet, create a companion course and charge $99+ for it. Multiple streams of incomes. Multiple lessons.

Reason 6. Your book takes longer than it should because you are writing it yourself.

My first two ghostwriting clients told me they had "wanted" to write a book longer than I had been alive, which was 20+ years at the time. As with most priorities in life, if you're not paying an expert to do it, it's not going to get done.

Reason 7. Your book takes longer than it should because you joined a "Bestseller in 30 Days" program that had you stumble, bumble, and fumble through a confusing muddle of a manuscript you don't know what to do with.

Yeah, maybe it will be a bestseller alright. A #1 Amazon bestseller because it sold 2 copies in the Russian Language Old Testament Commentaries category, you liar. LMAO!

Seriously now . . .

I'm coming up on 70 books ghostwritten.

Most take 6-10 months, from "Hey, I have this outline in my head" to "I have this hardback in my hand, and it's everything I ever thought it could be."

What if you need a rapid turnaround?

3 months or less?

Book a call with me. And this is the only reason I'm offering, by the way.

Because there's a special process I'm offering to a handful of aspiring authors who need their books done yesterday. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

So it's time to do something about it.

Now grab a time below.


Joshua Lisec


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