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you might block me for this

"I agree with you. But I can't tweet that. Or we'll lose business."

A client told me this last September.

And I've been pondering the ramifications ever since.

What was it about?

Nothing about books, writing, or persuasion, I can tell you that much.

We were chatting about the news . . . current events . . . politics . . .

Then I shared my perspective on a funky little system of governing called "democracy."

While many share my viewpoint β€” you? β€” saying you do out loud in public incites the rage mob.

You get mass blocked at best, canceled from your career at worst.

My client agreed with me. But due to the nature of his business said he couldn't say what he believed online, or else.

Which I find odd.

Because when you hear this viewpoint, your first reaction may be, Whoa, Josh is way out of line.

But your second reaction?

After you listen for a few minutes?

Damn . . . he's kind of right . . .

You may know what I'm talking about already.

A couple weeks ago, I went live on Twitter with this doozy of a headline:

Democracy Must Die (And Here's What to Replace It With)

If this doesn't move you to unsubscribe and block me now right away . . .

Then I invite you to click the link, listen, and reply to the tweet with whether you agree β€” or not! β€” and why.

No hard feelings, mate.

But I'll tell you one thing.

I'm not going to be muzzled.

If you are not permitted to articulate what you believe, then what are we even doing?

Our man Alex Hormozi put it this way:

If the point of earning money is to have freedom, why would you give your freedom back for a little more money?

Not I, said the Joshua.

So listen.



And enjoy.



Joshua Lisec

P.S. Here's that link one more time:

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Very thought-provoking. If anything, it's even worse than you painted it - in the 2000 Presidential election, 500-odd people and their hanging chads in Florida decided the fate of all 281-plus million of us at that time, for better or worse.

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